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ARC - Animal Rescue Coalition photo shoot.

What fun for me to shoot for ARC - Animal Rescue Coalition . I love animals so much and enjoyed these moments with them in their owners homes...

AKH 6287

Could Boot's paws be any whiter?? 

 AKH 6384

AKH 6385

AKH 2594

This is Gracie! Who is adorable with her unique wiry fur... 

AKH 2540-Edit

AKH 2501-Edit

Shadow was so good and patient and then guess who couldn't resist getting in on the action??

AKH 2446AKH 2450


AKH 3068

Bobo was so elegant the way he would lie there and cross his paws...


and how sweet were Fred and Barney! All their owner had to ask was "do you want to go for a car ride"? and Fred would cock his head.... 

AKH 3406

Another Grace, whose expressions were so funny!

AKH 3438

And finally Lorenzo.... so content.

AKH 6592

and then at times looked as though he was smiling and talking!

AKH 6583AKH 6560

These delightful pets are doted on by their owners, who have donated funds and in turn will have their pets featured on ARC's new van.  The ARC Mobile Spay/Neuter Clinic has spayed and neuterd over 38,000 cats and dogs since 2002 thus greatly reducing the over population of pets in Sarasota. Ira Barsky and Ed Sarbey founded ARC when they brought together leaders from local animal welfare organizations as well as Sarasota County Animal Services to collaborate and develope a plan to end the killing of adoptble dogs and cats in the area...  

Keep your eye out for the van around town!




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