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Business Portraits - Themes, Setting and Visual Aids

There are two different angels that can be considered when designing a portrait:  an "environmental" approach that involves creating a narrrative to reveal the subjects occupation, or more of a "constructionist" approach that delivers an idea about the person in the portrait.  The differences can be subtle.   In these two portraits, the rich, layered surroundings of the studios and the specific use of color, create a story about these artists and their work, which is clearly portrayed in the finished images.

.AKH 1889-Edit

Portraiture for ipads-92-1

In these next two portraits the setting operates a different way.  It helps to put forth an idea that is quickly perceived by the viewer:  these are competent professionals operating in a safe and sterile environment.

AKH 0142-Edit

AKH 7730-Edit-Edit

The location for the following portrait was chosen for the visual aids that would be interpreted by the viewer: the laptop and tv screen imply the latest technology available, the Doctor seated at a table with chairs gives the message of having the time to really connect with his patients.  And the bookcase filled with books further supports the idea of a well educated Doctor, who is an expertise in his field.  The green shirt was chosen specifically to tie in with these visual aids and reinforce the ideas put forth in this portrait.

AKH 7827-Edit-Edit


To view more portraits, please visit the Corporate Portraiture gallery of my website.  For inquires about creating a powerful portrait for your business, please contact me here.



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