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Composing a Striking Portrait - The Importance of Concept Creation

AKH 0506-Edit

All great portraits involve concept creation - what is the vision?  How will that narrative be conveyed?   

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Once that is established the styling of the outfit, accessories, hair, make-up and the location have to support the vision, so the pictures make sense to the viewer.

AKH 0557-Edit

My daughter loves this style of clothing. She is fluent in Italian and spends most of her time in Switzerland and Italy, so this was the perfect portait shoot for her.

AKH 0585-Edit

Working with her on how to stand, how to hold her head, her arms and use her hands was very important as that also, was part of the story line.

AKH 9973-Edit-Edit-2

The choice of Ringling Museum in Sarasota Florida as the setting, completed the vision of how she wanted to express herself photographically...

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For more information on creating portaits, please contact me here.

To see more of my work, visit the Portraiture and Fashion Galleries of my website.


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