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Portraits of Public Speakers - Conveying a Message in Photographs

AKH 9322-Edit

For people who speak publicly, whether it is about finance, team building in the work place or inspired living, it is very important for them to have portraits for their website and press releases that convey their warmth, confidence and expertise.  Public Speakers need to come across looking relaxed in their photographs and yet manage to convey their excitement and enthusiasm.  The general public viewing their portraits need to get a sense of what it would be like to be around them and get a feeling of how they would deliver their message in a way that connects with an audience.

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AKH 9457-Edit

It is always fun to have props to work with too!

AKH 9487

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AKH 8930-Edit

Pictures taken in office settings as well, help to quickly educate the veiwer as to the depth of the Public Speaker's expertise.

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To view more examples, please visit my Corporate Portraiture gallery in my website.

For more information about portraits taken for advertising your public speaking appearances, please contact me here.


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