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The process of working with me as your photographer begins with a conversation about your previous photography experiences, the types of images desired and the ultimate goals for your end product. With 22 years experience, my artistic and technical capabilities result in your images being composed with an experienced and creative eye, that exceed your expectations.

Photography Services

The fees for photography services which includes consultation, the photo shoot, the editing process and preparation of the on-line web gallery, as described below, are charged at a flat rate. 50% is due upon the booking of the shoot and the balance is due upon release of the on-line web gallery, that is created for your viewing and selection process.


Part of creating your photo shoot can involve location scouting, gathering of any needed props and discussion and selection of attire as well as styling of the shoot.

Photo shoot 

Either in-studio or on-location. When needed, the shoot may include a photography assistant, who manages lighting, assists with styling and attends to the computer analysis of the images as they are taken, thus ensuring optimum quality and that all ideal shots are captured.


The selection of the best images and their preparation for your presentation is as important as your photo shoot. Typically the time spent is as long as, or longer than the actual shooting time, as critical decisions are made regarding the look and feel of each image as well as the latest software being creatively used to enhance them.


An on-line web gallery is created for you to view your images, from which you select the ones you would like to be “finished”, before they are released to you.

Post Production Fees

The images you have chosen are released after they have been “finished” to the standard and style set by Andrea Hillebrand. The rate to “finish” images as described above, is charged at a flat rate. Those images are then released as custom enlargements and/or e-mailed as 4x6 high res and full size jpegs. Original images remain the property of Andrea Hillebrand, Photographer.