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Five Important Questions to ask a Wedding Photographer




Your wedding is a once in a lifetime event, there are no do overs or second chances. That is why when hiring a wedding photographer you want to make sure you find one that will capture the essence of your special day and not miss any important moments. Overtime, memories of the day will fade, with the pictures becoming what you remember.   And you want those to instantly bring back vivid details.

When searching for a photographer, you want to be thorough and precise.

Here are five questions to ask a wedding photographer and why they are important.

  1. Do you have an assistant? An assistant can help create more pictures and from different angles. The more photos taken the more selective your photographer can be in the editing process, thus boiling them down to the very best ones to give to you.
  2. How organized and experienced in timing the day are you?  A wedding photographer with many years experience understands how long things take and how best to schedule each part. After your consultation you should know precisely when each aspect of your day will be photographed.  Even though adding more time means extra money, it is important to allow a little extra time here and there throughout the day for those unscripted moments that allow a photographer to be creative and really have fun with you both while doing so!
  3. Is a deposit is required? Many photographers require a deposit to secure their services for the day. You want to make sure your photographer keeps that day open just for you and does not double book, potentially sending another photographer (with different techniques, style and personality) out to shoot your event.
  4. Do you take pictures of the setting? All those important details that you've agonized over and paid a lot for and often in the excitement and fast pacing of the day don't get much time to enjoy such as the flowers, linens, decorations, the food, your wedding cake, all present beautiful photo opportunities to add to your collection of images from the day.
  5. Given all the technology today what will your pictures look like? You want to ensure that you are getting high quality photographs. A good photographer who truly cares about the pictures you receive should spend at least 3 - 4 times as long, if not longer editing as they did shooting. And with digital photography today, there are important software programs that are essential to the editing process allowing for a creative look to your wedding album.

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