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Corporate Style Photo shoot of expert Day Trader, Toni Turner​ | Sarasota FL

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These corporate style photographs were done on location in Sarasota so updates can be made to Toni's website,  An amazing woman to work with - smart, funny and humble, President of TrendsStar Group, Inc. and writer Toni Turner, has an international following in the world of finance. Her books have been translated into Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese and French. A popular educator and speaker, Toni tours regularly across the country speaking at conferences, Traders' Expos and Money Shows.

An accomplished technical analyst, Toni is known for her ability to present complicated material in a manner that is understandable and enjoyable to learn. Whether through her books, presentations or online seminars, traders and investors learn how to reach their financial goals.

Toni has appeared on CNN, CNBC, NBC, MSNBC and Fox Business, radio programs such as MoneyLife Radio Inc., and The Street's She has been featured or contributes to dozens of periodicals such as Fortune Magazine, Stocks and Commodities, SFO,, Fidelity Active Trader, Bloomberg Personal Finance and to name a few.

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